Episode 136 – Tiger Woods, Wonder Woman and the Comic Universes, and Fidget Spinners

Tiger Woods got his DUI arrest despite blowing a 0.000.  What prescription meds was he on that caused him to destroy half his car and fall asleep at the wheel while parked on the road with his turn signal on?  And how rich do you have to be to get out of jail in 7 hours?  The reviews for Wonder Woman are absolutely incredible and we can’t wait to see it.  We chat about the DC and Marvel Universes.  Fidget Spinners are, of course, now something potentially dangerous that parents need to worry about because it might kill or harm their kids.  Lori and Josh make fun of the news for ramping up the FEAR.  And speaking of FEAR, a slide at a new water park had an incident the first day they were open, so naturally the media blew it out of proportion and made it sound far worse than it actually was.  In Portland, the stabbing by a guy being labeled as a Trump supporter is causing the mayor to ask for the permit for a conservative rally be revoked.  BTW, the stabber wasn’t actually a Trump supporter, but a Bernie guy.  Animaniacs is making a comeback, and so is Top Gun.  We hint at some stories that we’re going to visit next week, we’ll see if we actually do that or not.


Tiger Woods Mug Shot. (Public Domain)

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