Episode 135 – Sir Roger Moore, the Global Seed Vault, Groupon Over Gravity

Josh and Lori get nostalgic about Roger Moore and the piece of the James Bond legacy that his presence owns.  Chris Cornell, Roger Ailes, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers also happened last week.  The global seed vault, meant to save humanity from something at sometime, got flooded and now everyone is blaming global warming.  But, shouldn’t the vault meant to help humanity to survive a global catastrophe be WATERPROOF?!?  Especially since you already considered global warming to be the largest threat against humanity for more than a decade before the seed vault was built? We re-visit Ep118 to find out what kind of greatness spilled forth from Lori’s mouth, and why it left Josh and special guest Rob in tears.  We talk about whether there is any topic at all that you cannot joke about, or only topics you should avoid talking about around certain people or at certain times.  You can probably guess where we land.



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