Episode 131 – Bill O’Reilly, 4-20, and the Never-Ending Abortion Debate

After a quick talk about Lori’s amazing future steak dinner, it’s on to Fox News’ firing of Bill O’Reilly.  We talk about whether the atmosphere in cable news is going to change, and what sexual harassment is like in the workplace.  Then it’s on to Salon’s coverage of Democrats and why the abortion debate will never end, even among people that mostly agree.  Lori decides she’s going to read The Destruction of Hillary Clinton.  There’s been a couple of state executions recently, and the ACLU isn’t too happy about at least one of them.  Another 4-20 has come and gone, and we think that the holiday is actually bad for those that support legalization.


By Bill O’Reilly at the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia.jpg: World Affairs Council of Philadelphiaderivative work: Karppinen [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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