Episode 123 – The Oscar Snafu, Congresscritter Spending, and the Media Wants to Control Your Mind

Academy Award Winner by Davidlohr Bueso cc2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode

You might’ve seen it, you definitely heard about it, now we’re gonna talk about it….the Oscar snafu is an enormous WTF moment.  Then it’s on to a new website that shows you how much each individual congressperson votes to spend…and you might be surprised who some of the biggest spenders are.  Mika Brzezinski stated live on the air that she felt it was the media’s job to control our minds.  If you don’t get your news from a variety of sources from different points of view, you’re probably brainwashed.  The parent company of Kay and Jared jewelers are being sued for harassment and discrimination, but the media presents the story in an interesting way.  A guy beat every NES game ever…he even learned to play piano to do so.  Space X is taking a couple passengers for a trip around the moon.  A police department felt that the Punisher logo was appropriate for their force’s cars.

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