Episode 120 – The Women’s Strike, Drones, and Beer in the Smithsonian

By Brandon Maldonado (official US Marines photo) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
We really run the gambit this week!  We start with Girl Scout Cookies and the Instant Pot, but dive quickly into the upcoming scheduled Women’s Strike (although we aren’t sure what that even means…), and make sure that white women that are free to go to this go ahead and check their privilege.  We tackle the animosity over drone strikes in Yemen, and discuss at length how civilian death’s during the Obama administration weren’t only a common occurrence, but also something that they literally changed the definition of so that they could have more of them without drawing added attention. We ramble about DIVX incoherently for a bit, then jump into some of the craziness around Tom Brady and this record-setting Super Bowl.

By Jeffrey Beall (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

As promised, here’s links to the articles we discussed regarding Obama’s drones:

Counting Drone Strike Deaths

Pentagon Guidelines No Longer Ban Killing Civilians With Drones

Predator Drone Strikes: 50 Civilians Are Killed For Every 1 Terrorist, and the CIA Only Wants to Up Drone Warfare


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