Episode 111 – Shrooms, Amazon Go, and Almost Assault

Links to Stories From This Episode:

By Arp [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Democratic Donor: Keith Ellison ‘Clearly An Anti-Semite’

Obama Warns the Country About How Much Power He’s About to Hand Trump

Jill Stein Refuses to Pay $1 Million Bond for Pennsylvania Recount, Goes to Federal Court

Blame the Bay Area’s Housing Crisis for the Ghost Ship Fire

What Caused the Deadly Oakland Warehouse Fire?

Rule 41 Grants New Hacking Powers to FBI

Congress allows rule permitting mass hacking by government to take effect

Report Reveals Kids’ Headphones May Cause Hearing Problems

Amazon Announces New Checkout-Free Grocery Store

Ingredient in ‘Magic Mushrooms’ May Help Cancer Patients, Studies Suggest

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