Episode 097 – Special Episode 01 – Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party

Johnson-Weld Sign

This week’s episode is Special Episode 01.  From time to time, we’ve decided we’ll take a week off of our normal routine and dedicate an entire episode to one specific topic, or a small number of very tightly related topics.  This week, Lori is still on vacation in Colorado and is outside the realm of reliable internet connectivity.  Due to that, we actually recorded this episode before she left.

Special Episode 01 is entirely focused on the Libertarian Party, as well as their candidates for President and Vice President, Governor Gary Johnson and Governor Bill Weld.  In true Now Trending Show fashion, we bump around on some related topics, but we mostly stay focused on the task at hand.

We play a few Gary Johnson ads during this episode.  If you’d like to review them again, or just want to see how they are visually produced, we’ve got them below.  There’s a few other things worth your time down there, too, like the Libertarian Party platform (which is very concise and gives you a great idea of what the party stands for), some articles on the team, and some interviews that Johnson and Weld have done.

We hope you enjoy this special episode!  We’re back to our normal shenanigans next Wednesday, September 7th!


Please Vote Gary Johnson!

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Josh & Lori


Gary Johnson

Bill Weld


Libertarian Party Platform

CNN’s 2nd Libertarian Town Hall in 90 Seconds

Gary Johnson on the Issues

Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson on guns, debates and pot – USA Today

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