Episode 090 – The Shootings, Trump’s VP, and Pokemon Go



The Stories We Covered This Week:

Trump flirts with unpopular Pence

‘Never Trump’ Convention Delegates Win In Court

A curveball in Trump’s Veep search: He’s seriously considering a retired general – The Washington Post

All delegates are unbound

Anti-Trump GOP delegate wins lawsuit

Sanders Endorses Clinton for President

Sarah Palin: Black Lives Matter is a ‘farce’ – CNNPolitics.com

Newt Gingrich: ‘Normal white Americans … don’t understand being black in America’ – CNNPolitics.com

GOP leaders: Whites unaware of challenges facing black Americans – CNNPolitics.com

Evan Bayh readying Indiana Senate comeback run – POLITICO

Hill Walks Away From Indiana Senate Nomination; Democrat Insiders Will Replace Him With Bayh

Evan Bayh Seeking To Return To The Senate

Former Democratic Party Press Secretary Supports Gary Johnson for President – Reason.com

Pew: Gary Johnson jumps to 2nd place (among millennials) – Red Alert Politics

Presidential Debate Schedule Announced

Bernie Sanders announces long-awaited endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Porn Is Not a ‘Public Health Crisis’

Alton Sterling
Alton Sterling

Video of Police Shooting Death of Alton Sterling Stirs Outrage

NBC Nightly News 7/7/16 – Lead Story – Philando Castile

Philando Castile
Philando Castile

Dallas PD Used a “Bomb Robot” to Neutralize Alleged Cop-Killing Sniper – Hit & Run : Reason.com

Police Used Bomb Disposal Robot To Kill A Dallas Shooting Suspect | Popular Science

A Drone Was Used to Blow up a US Citizen Without Trial Yesterday

Dallas Shooting: When Can Police Use a Bomb Robot?

Using a Bomb Robot to Kill a Suspect Is an Unprecedented Shift in Policing | Motherboard

GRAPHIC New Photos Of Dead Dallas Shooter And His Gun Surface | The Federalist Papers

Why Law Enforcement Isn’t Calling Dallas Gunman a Terrorist

Micah Xavier Johnson
Micah Xavier Johnson

7/8:  Dallas mourns after five officers killed; Americans call for healing after tragic week

“Credible” plot to kill Baton Rouge police officers foiled

The Dallas Police Department has been a model for reducing officer-involved shootings.

What the Dallas Police Department does right — and why doing those things could now be more difficult – The Washington Post

Man Legally Carrying Rifle Misidentified as Dallas Shooting Suspect — Now He Wants an Apology From Police | TheBlaze.com

Being a cop showed me just how racist and violent the police are. There’s only one fix. – The Washington Post

A Black Police Chief Reacts to the Dallas Attacks

Dallas police chief says ‘we’re asking cops to do too much in this country’

Obama Says US ‘Not as Divided as We Seem’ at Dallas Memorial

How Americans view the Black Lives Matter movement

End Needless Interactions With Police Officers During Traffic Stops

Reality check: study finds no racial bias in police shootings

Did a study really find there aren’t racial disparities in police shootings? Not so fast.

Pokemon at 20 Years

Holocaust Museum to visitors: Please stop catching Pokémon here

PokemonGo Is Already Making Authorities Freak Out About Danger – Hit & Run : Reason.com

Which Pokemon are rare in Pokemon Go? – Quora

Westboro Baptist Church in an epic battle for a Pokémon Go gym

A Dishwasher Says He Lost His Job After He Smashed a Slavery-Themed Stained Glass at Yale

Yale cafeteria worker fired for shattering racist panel.

University Might Expel Student Who Criticized Black Lives Matter – Hit & Run : Reason.com

Spanish bullfighter Victor Barrio gored to death live on television.


Stories We Had Ready, But Didn’t Get To This Week:

Exclusive: Marvel’s New Iron Man Is a Black Woman

Someone calculated the exact year Robert De Niro stopped caring about acting, with a graph

There Is a War Over Race in America. But It’s Not Whites vs. Blacks.

Yes, the Federal Reserve Has a Diversity Problem

What We Know About Fatal Tesla Accident

Clinton-Style Corruption Is the Inevitable Result When You Mix Big Government and Sleazy People

Barbara Boxer and the Democratic Party Hold Two-Day Festival Against Free Speech

Fmr Prosecutor Sues Obama, Al Sharpton For Inciting Race War

Homicide Rate At 51 Year Low

FBI: US Homicide Rate At 51-Year Low

Is there a gender divide between critics who love the new Ghostbusters and critics who don’t?

Dow Jones Industrial Average Closes at Record High

Pro-Trump Fox News Drops To #2 For First Time In 14 Years | Daily Wire

Bill Weld compares Donald Trump to defunct, 19th-century ‘Know-Nothing Party’

Trump quips about winning in November — and not serving as president – CNNPolitics.com

ChristianMingle is Being Forced to Include Gay Singles – Julie Borowski

Even Hillary Clinton Has Civil Liberties | Foundation for Economic Education

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson says he’d ‘lose no sleep’ over being a ‘spoiler’ | Daily Mail Online

Hillary Clinton. A Picture of White Privilege by AlfonZo Rachel – Alfonzo Rachel

MailChimp’s CEO on that famous ‘Serial’ intro and why email just won’t die

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