Episode 065 – Free Healthcare!, Flint’s Water, and The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda NES Cartridge By Dave or Atox (2008 Leftovers: Zelda Gold Cart) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The Legend of Zelda NES Cartridge By Dave or Atox (2008 Leftovers: Zelda Gold Cart) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Links to Stories We Covered in This Episode:

Watch a Group of “Freedom Kids” Perform a Horrifying Song at a Donald Trump Rally | Mother Jones

Sarah Palin to Endorse Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders’s single-payer plan isn’t a plan at all

Bernie Sanders Releases Outline of Universal Health Care Plan—And It’s Pretty Good

Medicare for All: Leaving No One Behind

Ted Cruz

How Clean Are Your Winter Gloves?

When not to use antibiotics

The poisoning of Flint

Flint’s Lead Crisis Has One Big Overlooked Cause: Pensions

This man is responsible for Flint’s water crisis, and is now managing Detroit Public Schools

There’s Plenty of Blame for Flint, Michigan’s Water Crisis

Snyder Concedes Flint is His “Katrina,” a Failure of Leadership

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder fighting federal disaster zone denial in Flint

Watch “Legend of Zelda (NES) Intro” on YouTube

Watch “Legend of Zelda Main Theme Medley – 25th Anniversary Medley” on YouTube

This Oscillating Fan Video Is Blowing Netflix Users Away

Fresh Prince Actress Criticizes Will Smith Oscar Boycott

Why It Matters That Wild Wasn’t Nominated for Best Picture

Oscars Won In Under 20 Minutes Of Screen Time – Looper

MIT: Incandescents Now More Efficient than LEDs | Foundation for Economic Education

North Korea Invents Hangover-Free Alcohol


Here Are the Stories We Had Clipped for This Episode But Didn’t Have Time to Get to:

‘Hidden Rise in Violent Crime’ in U.K. Has More to Do With Data Manipulation Than ‘Growth in Violence Against Women’

Walmart is closing hundreds of stores and laying off thousands of employees

Wal-Mart pulls plug on smallest stores, shuts 269 locations

Making a Murderer directors defend series: ‘Of course we left out evidence’

Dead Certainty

How rise in online shopping and returns is hurting retailers

Fired Taco Bell Exec in Uber Attack Suing Driver for $5 Million – NBC News

Girl, 12, killed in eviction confrontation between father, constable

Cop Serving Eviction Notice Kills 12-Year-Old Pennsylvania Girl by Mistake – NBC News

Homeland Security Asking Hotel Staff to Report Customers for Too Many Condoms – Hit & Run : Reason.com

Waiter upset after discovering $20 tip was actually a Bible pamphlet | Fox 59


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