Episode 058 – Planned Parenthood, Cord Cutters, and a Promise Ring

Robert Dear
Robert Dear

Links to the Stories We Covered in This Episode:


Yes, The Planned Parenthood Shooter Is A ‘Christian Terrorist’

The Terrorists Among Us

REVEALED: Planned Parenthood killer believed Christ’s forgiveness meant he could get away with anything

“Our protesters came in for abortions”: Fear, slut-shaming, Planned Parenthood, and the truth about right-wing religious hypocrisy

Anti-choicers are immoral liars, and liberals should not hesitate to claim the moral high ground

How Responsible is the (Pro-Life or Black Lives Matters) Movement for (the Planned Parenthood Shooting or Cop Killings)? : Hit & Run : Reason.com

Here Are All The People Applauding The Planned Parenthood Shooter

“Pro-Lifers” Take to Twitter to Praise Planned Parenthood Shooter

White killers go to Burger King: Race, Planned Parenthood and our diseased white privilege

None Of The 14 GOP Presidential Candidates Have Responded To The Planned Parenthood Shooting (UPDATED)

Sanders Finally Said What No Politician Dared: Right’s Rhetoric Fostered Planned Parenthood Shooting

The religious right is neither: The real history of how decades of radical, violent rhetoric led to the Planned Parenthood shooting

Stop Using the Mentally Ill to Advance Your Ideology

This Disney Filing Shows Why ESPN Is In Trouble (VIDEO) | Business

Cards Against Humanity Makes $71,000 on Black Friday by Selling Absolutely Nothing – NBC News

Cards Against Humanity Made A Fortune Selling Nothing On Black Friday

Is Mandarin the New Language of American College Sports?

Frustrated College President: ‘This is Not a Daycare’

This is Not a Day Care. It’s a University! – Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Margaret Thatcher Named World’s Most Influential Woman

“The Fossil Fuel Era Must Draw to a Close”: A Message from the Marshall Islands to the World

Mark Zuckerberg Wants to Be the Next Bill Gates, but It Will Be Tougher Than He Thinks

IHOP And Applebee’s Eliminate All Sodas From Kids Menu

Virginia family suing PETA for millions after worker stole dog from front porch, had dog euthanized | WISH-TV

Passenger May Not Get Back $75K In Cash Seized By TSA (Video)

Airport security confiscates 5-year-old’s Buzz Lightyear toy – AOL

Police Bust Weekly Mahjong Game Played By Elderly Women Florida « CBS Tampa

New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function – ScienceAlert

Has Stanford University found a cure for Alzheimer’s disease? – Telegraph

Belgian Physicists Calculate that Everyone Is Lying About the Downed Russian Jet | Motherboard



Stories We Had Clipped for This Episode But Didn’t Quite Get To:

CBO: Tangled Web of Welfare Programs Creates High Tax Rates on Participants

TV is killing the movies: Can Hollywood step up its game to compete with the small screen?

“The Paris Agreement Will See the Planet Burn”: Former Bolivian Climate Negotiator Pablo Solón

Military intel chief says the Iraq War helped create ISIS

The Most 2015 Song of 2015

Defense Secretary Carter: Special Ops Force to Iraq to Fight ISIS



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