Episode 053 – Papa Roux, “Hard Worker” is Offensive, and Clickbait

Papa Roux Indianapolis, IN
Papa Roux
Indianapolis, IN

Links We Covered in This Episode:

Podcaster Makes Solemn Promise To Improve Sound Quality Next Episode

New Poll Shows Ben Carson Republican Frontrunner in Iowa

Bernie Sanders just declared war: But is he running against Bill Clinton or Hillary?

MSNBC Host: ‘Hard Worker’ is Offensive Term [VIDEO]

Woman Found Frozen Inside Cryotherapy Chamber

Young Manager Found Dead Inside Freezing Cryochamber

Oklahoma parade crash suspect charged with four counts of murder

Sweden school attack: horror as sword attacker kills teacher and pupil

Pictured: Swedish school killer holding bloody sword during CCTV footage showing him leaving white-skinned pupils alone and attacking dark-skinned children

After Papa Roux robbery, discount promised for concealed carry permit holders

Cajun eatery owner dishes up concealed carry discount

At Papa Roux, discount draws a crowd of Second Amendment supporters

Crowds eat up Cajun restaurant’s gun stance

Guess Who Nick Jonas’ Famous Landlord Is?

Hacked: What’s in CIA Director John Brennan’s Leaked Emails?

Dog named ‘Trigger’ shoots owner during Indiana hunting trip – 13 WTHR Indianapolis

Meet Julia: ‘Sesame Street’s’ First Character With Autism

Colorado Pushes for Universal Health Care That’s Governed by the People

Colorado ballot initiative calls for $25B single-payer health system

Largest Health Insurer On Colorado Exchange Collapses


Things We Had Clipped for This Episode, But Didn’t Get To:

With Biden on the Sidelines, Is it Smooth Sailing for Clinton?

What Joe Biden’s Decision Means for Hillary Clinton

Will Clinton’s Testimony Put Benghazi Behind Her?

Clinton Defends Record on Benghazi Amid Grueling, Hours-Long Testimony

Biden Says He’s ‘Out of Time’, Won’t Run for President in 2016

Transgender woman posted suicide note on Facebook before death

Watch “Possible Sneak Attack at the State House” on YouTube

5 New Pop-Tarts Flavors Are On The Way, Including Maple Bacon

What Makes Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

Las Vegas bets that SpaceX will make it to Mars before NASA

Just How Much Did ‘Back to the Future’ Get Right about October 2015?

The Peanuts Movie | November 6, 2015

Secret Service Agents Overworked, Slept on Job: Inspector General

Hands-Free Dangers: A New Warning About Distracted Driving Risks

Rare Video Captures U.S. Commando ISIS Prison Raid

Autopsy Reveals High School Football Player Died of Blunt-Force Head Trauma | NBC Chicago

See Why This Elementary School Is Standing Room Only

What to Say (and Not Say) to Someone Who Is Depressed

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