Episode 042 – #BlackLivesMatter, Nancy Grace, and Amazingly Bad Jokes

NYC action in solidarity with Ferguson. Mo. Photo by The All-Nite Images
NYC action in solidarity with Ferguson. Mo.
Photo by The All-Nite Images


Bernie Sanders on Racism and Racial Justice

#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Are Not the Problem

You’re White and Marched With Dr. King : So What? #ABLC

Don’t Piss on Your Best Friend

Black Lives Matter protesters shut down Bernie Sanders speech | The Seattle Times

Interrupting Bernie: Exposing the White Supremacy of the American Left

BLM Activist Who Shut Down Sanders is Radical Christian, Sarah Palin Supporter

After Repeated Protests, Bernie Sanders Releases Racial Justice Platform

Bernie Sanders Unveils Sweeping Policy Platform To Combat Racial Inequality

DA: Mom shops at Victoria’s Secret with dead baby | HLNtv.com

CEO Who Raised Minimum Salary To $70k Falls On Hard Times

Why the $70k Minimum Salary Failed (And Why That’s a Good Thing)

Wartime bomb found in east London

Bounty Hunters Accidentally Raid Phoenix Police Chief’s Home

Jailed Arizona Bounty Hunter ‘Getting Out of the Business’ After Mix-Up – ABC News

Jerry Lewis’ Fabled ‘Day the Clown Cried’ May Come Out – in 10 Years

Only 10 more years until we can see The Day The Clown Cried

You Can Watch Jerry Lewis’ Holocaust Comedy The Day the Clown Cried—in 10 Years

The Library of Congress has a copy of ‘The Day the Clown Cried,’ but you won’t see it for ten years

One-third GOP Ready to Bolt to 3rd Party

Google’s Search Algorithm Could Steal the Presidency | WIRED

Google Changes Name to Alphabet, Confuses Everyone

Google to be part of new holding company, ‘Alphabet’

Target to Remove Gender Signs From Stores

VIDEO: Dolphin Decapitates Fish Then Uses It to Masturbate

Watch “Dolphin self masturbates with beheaded fish” on YouTube


Stories We Had Clipped But Didn’t Get to In the Show:

River goes from blue to mustard with spill triple initial estimate

This Colorado river is not supposed to be bright orange | Fusion

EPA Says It Released 3 Million Gallons Of Contaminated Water Into River : The Two-Way : NPR

EPA takes blame for Colorado mine waste spill

Toxic water taints river in Colorado

Will the internet of things result in predictable people?

Gas prices set for sharp drop

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