Episode 041 – Trump & Bernie, Dr. Dre, and Bingo Fuel

Donald Trump (pic by Michael Vadon)
Donald Trump
(pic by Michael Vadon)


Allegiant Air execs at controls of flight that landed with low fuel | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Pilot Declares Fuel Emergency After Runway Closure

Bingo Fuel: Why you shouldn’t say it – Guidance Aviation

Frantic Allegiant Air pilot: ‘We don’t have enough fuel’ – FOX13 News, WHBQ FOX 13

Airline Pilot Pleads With Controllers to Make Emergency Landing

AirLive.net: AUDIO Listen as Allegiant Air pilot tells controller at closed airport he doesn’t have fuel to make it to backup site

Celebrities Are Freezing Themselves to Lose Weight, As One Does

This “Bubble” Nail Trend Is Crazy AF

“Bubble nails” is a new nail polish trend that is more than I’ve ever been capable of imagining.

Could Picky Eating in Children Be Something Serious?

Big Retailers to Stop Selling Realistic Toy Guns in N.Y.

Politics: Debbie Wasserman Schultz fails – miserably – to explain the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist | Best of Cain

Chris Matthews vs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: “What’s The Difference Between A Democrat And A Socialist?”

America, Meet McDonald’s Self-Service Kiosks

Call Donald Trump’s Cell Phone and Ask Him About His Important Ideas

Who Said It: Donald Trump Or Scrooge McDuck?

Dr. Dre To Release New Album


Stuff We Had That We Didn’t Get to on the Show

Poll: Bernie Sanders would beat Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders on a Possible Joe Biden Run

Fox News focus group on 2016 election turns hilariously ugly at the first mention of Donald Trump’s name

Where to Move to Escape the Worst Effects of Climate Change

400-Year-Old Remains Identified as Founders of Jamestown

Today’s Teens React To ’90s JNCO Jeans

Ben Stein blames cell phones for America’s economic ills

The Koch primaries

Girls Youth Football: Is it Safe?

Pesticide Drift Threatens Organic Farms

Could Biden Catch Clinton in a White House Bid

Hillary Clinton’s Doctor Says She’s Healthy Enough to be President

What Amy Schumer Wants to Do About Guns

Pentagon Can’t Account for Nearly $1 Billion

FDA Warns of Hack Risk in Medical Devices

Mick Fanning Recounts Terrifying Shark Attack

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