Episode 032 – Caitlyn Jenner, Hacking America, and Jonny Quest

Cover of Vanity Fair, July 2015, by Annie Leibovitz
Cover of Vanity Fair, July 2015, by Annie Liebovitz


L.A. labor leaders seek minimum wage exemption for firms with union workers – LA Times

Unions seek exemption from LA minimum wage law they helped pass | Fox News

L.A. Unions Seek Exemption from Minimum Wage Hike They Helped Push Through

A Simple Question for Minimum Wage Advocates

How to Protect Your Medical Records From Malicious Hackers

How Hackers Use ‘Apps’ to Steal Information From Your Phone

WiFi on Planes: Are You Safe From Hackers at 30,000 Feet?

IRS Says Thieves Hacked Agency Service to Get Taxpayer Info

Caitlyn Jenner ‘Doesn’t Have Any Secrets’

‘Call Me Caitlyn’: The Radical Simplicity of Vanity Fair’s Cover

Laverne Cox Wants You to Celebrate Caitlyn Jenner, But Remember There’s Work to Be Done

One Step Forward for Caitlyn Jenner, One Step Back for Womankind Vanity Fair’s cover shoot proves magazines can objectify trans women, too

Caitlyn Jenner, Formerly Known as Bruce, Poses for Vanity Fair

Huckabee jokes about being transgender so he can shower ‘with the girls’

Mike Huckabee: I wish I pretended to be transgender to shower with girls

NY-bound passenger jet reports near-miss with drone | Fox News

Laser Pointers Target Multiple Planes Flying out of JFK Airport

Air Scare: Lasers Pose a Safety Threat to Pilots

TSA Missed 95 Percent of Bombs, Weapons in Security Tests

Undercover DHS Tests Find Widespread Security Failures at US Airports

Undetected Bombs and Weapons Underscore Uselessness of TSA Airport Gauntlet

The Craft Remake: Sony Gets Crafty With a Reboot of the Fan-Favorite Film

ASH VS EVIL DEAD Teaser Arrives: Hail to the King, Baby! | Nerdist

Robert Rodriguez to Direct Live-Action Reboot of ‘Jonny Quest’


Lion Leaps Through Car Window, Mauls American Tourist To Death

Senate Infighting Allows Key Provisions of Patriot Act to Expire

Tempers Flare as Patriot Act Deadline Looms

Watch “Senator McConnell “FEAR! FEAR! FEAR!” Senator Rand Paul “I OBJECT!”” on YouTube

Actor: We need guns in schools

Concern Over Live Anthrax Shipments

Army Mistakenly Shipped Live Anthrax to Military Labs

Index: Watch Chris Pratt Teach His Young Son the Pledge of Allegiance

Neverland Ranch for Sale

Amazon Prime Delivery Guarantee

Woman goes blind after pet cat licks her

Armed protesters join rally

Ross Ulbricht, Convicted Mastermind Behind Silk Road Website Sentenced to Life in Prison | VICE News

Big Trouble in Little China – Movie Sequel News / updates information

Rick Santorum Joins Crowded 2016 Republican Presidential Race

WFIE: New Indiana law requires drivers not speeding to move over

Move over, law-abiding drivers! New law takes effect July 1 – 13 WTHR Indianapolis







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