Episode 030 – Louis C.K., @POTUS, and Breastaurants


"Louis CK Kuwait crop" by derivative work: Kelly (talk)Louis_CK_Kuwait.jpg: Spc. Elayseah Woodard-Hinton - Louis_CK_Kuwait.jpg. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Louis_CK_Kuwait_crop.jpg#/media/File:Louis_CK_Kuwait_crop.jpg
Louis C.K.


George Stephanopoulos is not a journalist. He just plays one on TV.

Obama to ban police military gear that can ‘alienate and intimidate’

Obama administration bans some military-style assault gear from local police departments

Obama’s New Rules for Police Actually Ban Just One New Piece of Equipment – the Bayonet

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You May Finally Be Able to Get Drunk in Taco Bell (Legally)

Taco Bell Could Soon Start Serving Alcohol

Taco Bell May Soon Add Coronas and Alcoholic ‘Twisted Freezes’

Google Maps Search for "Nigga House" (Actual Screenshot for Josh's Phone)
Google Maps Search for “Nigga House”
(Actual Screenshot for Josh’s Phone)

Hoyer: Members of Congress deserve a raise

‘Campaigns’ Aren’t Necessarily Campaigns in the Age of ‘Super PACs’

FBI: Hacker claims he controlled plane’s engines

Computer Expert Claims to Have Hacked Plane, Taken Over Systems

This Is What ‘Breastaurants’ Actually Think Of Their Customers



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Michelle Obama on Twitter @FLOTUS

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